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Marketing coaching & customized strategic marketing services for growing independent RIAs and independent financial advisors

As a financial advisor, your firm’s road to marketing success isn’t a straight shot to the final destination. We consult and coach financial advisors to guide you through the marketing twists & turns that often prevent RIAs from reaching their full potential and growing to the best of their abilities.

Where are the fiduciaries for financial advisor marketing? 

Marketing for financial advisors is already challenging enough. Trying to find a marketing partner you can trust in this industry makes advisors want to give up on marketing altogether. You feel burned by prior marketing engagements or maybe you don’t have any trust in marketing in the first place. So where are the fiduciary marketers for fiduciary financial advisors?

Lead generation companies want you to pay $15,000 before delivering even one valuable new client. The same marketing service ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, but it’s often hard to know why there’s such a large difference. And there are marketing firms that want to do the same thing for you that they do for their 107 other financial advisor clients, with little consideration of what’s unique to you and your firm.

Trust me, I understand the frustration and lack of trust in marketing. I see everything else happening in the industry, and it makes me upset to see advisors being burned like this. That’s why I created Emerging RIA Consulting; I want to be the marketing partner acting in your best interest. 

Our Marketing Services for Financial Advisors


An audit of your RIA’s current marketing strategy and approach provides a solid baseline that you can then use to make well-informed decisions about next steps to take. You can use the audit to help guide a comprehensive strategic marketing plan, or you can use the data and takeaways to make some tweaks to how you’re currently marketing your RIA.

Strategic marketing plan

Through our SET framework, which we explain further below, we’ll closely work with you, to build a customized, holistic marketing plan, outline and support execution, and provide tools for tracking success. Strategy packages start at $2,500, but because the size and scope of engagement is unique, that price may vary.

Outsourced CMO

Many digital marketing firms and agencies focus on serving the financial advisory industry. The problem is that they provide template-based services that don’t meet the needs of growing firms. Independent RIAs that have already embraced digital marketing need custom strategy and support unique to their firm. That’s where our outsourced CMO offering comes in.


One of the biggest problems we’ve found with the financial advisor marketing space is countless agencies and individuals tell you what to do, but not why you should do it or how it fits into a strategic marketing plan. Start a podcast. Create video content. Be on every social media platform. Optimize your website. And the list goes on.

Of these endless marketing tactics available to you, many can be vital to a successful marketing plan. But these tactics all need to tie back to a comprehensive plan. Just like you wouldn’t pick funds for a client without a financial plan, you shouldn’t be executing marketing with a plan. Does your RIA firm have a marketing road map?   


Most financial advisor marketing agencies are focused on giving you customized or canned content. The problem is that, without a plan in place, most advisors end up producing, creating, and posting content simply to check a box. It’s hard to avoid. We’ve spent years within our own firm experimenting, learning, making mistakes, and wasting time trying to understand what to create, what works, and why.

So what’s the solution? Through our SET framework, we’re here to reduce that unnecessary friction on your end to give you advisor alpha. Your time is immensely valuable. If you’re going to spend time on marketing, we want to cut out the time traps, so you can be efficient and effective. By providing you with a strategic roadmap, we can give you time back. That way, you can spend more of it focusing on your clients. We’re not here to give you customized or canned content. We’re here to do one thing really well for you: develop a strategic plan, help you understand how to execute it, and provide the tools to measure your success.




The basis of the framework: the strategic plan. You can’t execute or track without the foundation on which those pieces sit, just like you can’t assist a client with a financial plan. We’ll dive headfirst into your practice, how you’re currently marketing, and where you want to go to ultimately provide you with a clear, actionable strategic plan for your marketing.




Almost all financial advisors have had a client that wants to have a solid financial plan, but isn’t willing to implement it. The same goes for a marketing strategy. We’ll supply you with the roadmap to success and provide you with the vehicle to get you on your way, along with resources for your journey.




Data in, data out. We’ll supply you with the tools we’ve built and provide you with resources to track key metrics related to your marketing strategy, ensuring you can measure, understand, adjust, and repeat. Like any good financial plan, a strategic marketing plan is built to be constantly shaped by new data and information.



Willing to invest at least $15,000 annually on marketing, specifically your digital footprint.


Committed to dedicating time, energy, and effort to make our plans come to life.


Structured to properly serve new clientele. Solo RIAs can be successful, but our plans are targeted toward multi-member firms.

Let’s Talk About Your RIA’s Marketing Strategy & Approach to Generating Growth!

Emerging RIA Consulting was built on a data-first approach to marketing. I’m not going to promise results that are unattainable or leave you in the lurch once I’ve received payment. My goal is to provide an honest, sustainable approach to marketing that helps guide you to your goals. And even if I can’t provide what you’re looking for, I’m here to assist you and get you to someone who can. So don’t hesitate to schedule a call. I’m here to help.


While many financial advisor marketing agencies have a background in the industry, I helped an independent RIA firm grow more than 90% to over $500 million in AUM before starting Emerging RIA Consulting. In addition to my first-hand experience running the marketing of a successful financial advisory firm, I also have experience in digital marketing in the sports industry. That experience in an industry that is quick to adopt new digital trends gives me a more complete perspective to ultimately push your firm’s marketing to new heights.



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