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The Emerging RIA Podcast – Marketing Strategy & Execution

For financial advisors seeking to grow their business, marketing is vital. But the path forward can be confusing. You’re constantly bombarded by blogs, videos, and podcasts telling you what content to produce, quick-fix lead-generation services to use, and advisor-specific marketing hacks to leverage.

On the Emerging RIA Podcast – a marketing podcast built for financial advisors – we’re here to cut through that noise of advisor marketing by zooming out to the foundation of a successful marketing strategy. What does that strategy look like? Where should you focus your time if you’re an advisor in charge of marketing? And what pieces of the puzzle are missing for your firm, keeping your RIA from growing?

Show host Dan Corcoran lived independent RIA marketing on a daily basis prior to starting Emerging RIA Consulting.  As the first-ever full-time marketing employee of an independent RIA in Madison, WI, Dan quickly learned the ins and outs of the marketing machine for financial advisors. But his role was more encompassing than that, shaping the marketing strategy and structure from the ground up since he was the first person to be in that role.

So, in addition to executing marketing tasks like developing and producing video content and handling the firm’s newsletter, Dan built out the strategic components of marketing, including the infrastructure to track all prospective clients, budgeting, and, most importantly, digital strategy. In the Emerging RIA Podcast, he draws on that experience to help guide financial advisors on their marketing journeys.


Local SEO for Financial Advisors: Understanding the Basics of Ranking Highly in Your Geographic Area

The goal of the podcast is to shine a light on marketing strategy for RIA firms, helping advisors focus on the bigger picture of what marketing can help them accomplish. So while we don’t want to get too entrenched in discussing only marketing tactics, we’d be remiss not to do an episode on local SEO. 

Why is that? Because there are people in your area searching for advisors. If you haven’t optimized your website for local searches, you’re missing out on being part of the search results page viewed by potential paying customers.  

Building the Foundation: The Need For Marketing Strategy for Financial Advisors

In the opening episode of the podcast, Dan delves into why financial advisors need a marketing strategy, framing it from the perspective of building a financial plan for a client. It’s hard to execute for a client without a financial plan in place, and it’s also challenging to approach marketing with a comprehensive strategy.

Should Financial Advisors Hire an Internal Marketing Employee or Outsource marketing?

This is a question pondered by many — if not all — financial advisors, and it’s often answered by marketing professionals in the industry as one vs. the other. But in this episode, we examine how advisors execute their marketing in terms of a continuum. They may be at either end of the continuum, or they may find their execution is a blend of both ends. The main takeaway from this episode? It’s not to adopt a certain approach. It’s simply to better understand how your firm executes marketing, in terms of employees.

Riches in the Niches: Making the Case for Serving a Niche as a Financial Advisor

This episode is the primer on financial advisor niches. Yes, we know many others in the industry have talked ad nauseam about niches, but it’s a point that’s worth belaboring because of its vital importance. We cover what a niche is, some examples of possible niches for financial advisors, when to consider adopting a niche, and what to keep in mind throughout the process.


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